Historic Preservation

Seaman's Bethel 2011-12-10

JMBA+Architects has been assisting clients in the restoration and preservation of our nation’s historic properties for almost 4 decades. The preservation of our architectural heritage and fabric allows present and many future generations to experience the past grandeur with a modern adaptation.

Projects have been broad in scope ranging from complete restoration to adaptive reuse of the original building type while preserving critical elements of the original architecture. Our work has followed the strict guidelines of the Department of Interior Guidelines for the Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historic Structures and we are experts in all regards to the DOI process as well as the building elements.

The following portfolio includes many of our award winning restoration & preservation projects as well as our more recent efforts to preserve the past for the present and future.


Sands Great room peak 2JMBA+Architects has been helping clients for over 30 years create places where families live and grow. Projects have included both single family and multi-family housing. Although we are architects with a strong sense of design, the homes we help clients create reflect their individual needs and desires and dreams. We also carry this concept to our multi-family housing to create housing units that can become the tenant homes rather than temporary shelter.

Working hand-in-hand we engage with our client to develop an individualized program, to respond to their individualized needs whether those needs are for a growing family and a seasonal home at the ocean or condominium investment properties.

The following Portfolio is a representation of our philosophies in residential design.


JMBA+Architects New Bedford Architects CommercialWhile housing represents the closeness of families, commerce and business is inherently “of” a community and place. Successful commercial design must be inviting and fresh without becoming obsolete or dated. Our commercial project design is guided by context, blending the projects into the community in general. This is not to say that we don’t create unique design, rather we create an inviting facade that will welcome both the prospective employees and customers into these projects. In general, a large portion of our lives is spent in these commercial environments. We strive to make each design of the human spirit with room for it to soar.

The following Portfolio is a representation of our philosophies in commercial design.


photo-6JMBA+Architects offers a renovation design service which is tailored to our client’s needs. This service allows for the renovation of our client’s projects to conform to their needs while adhering to the current building and life safety codes. Different from Historic Preservation, our designs review specialty codes such as the American with Disabilities Act, the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board rules and regulations and other local and state codes for barrier free access as well as life safety. We utilize state of the art materials in our designs which are “Green materials” revitalizing these modern structures to be more energy efficient and user friendly.The following portfolio is a small sampling of our 34 year history of renovating both private and public buildings to meet the needs of modern society.



JMBA+Architects New Bedford Architects GovernmentFor almost 4 decades we have designed projects for local, state, federal, and international governments. These projects span many of the categories of work noted above including historic preservation, housing, commercial, renovations, and public safety. We maintain ongoing relationships with our governmental clients who repeatedly turn to us to assist in the design of their public facilities.

We understand the needs of the business of government. We observe the process of our clients and individualize our designs to meet those needs. Work within a municipal office is viewed from an efficiency based understanding of government. We track the flow of work through the various interconnected offices and provide designs which reduce waste, increase the interagency flow, while showing an inviting but not luxurious environment to the public.

The following Portfolio is a representation of our philosophies in governmental design.